Good Design: External Touch Screen at Low Cost

Adding a new feature through hardware for an already completed hardware can be expensive. This video illustrates how a touch screen can be added to a TV or monitor that … Continue reading

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Links and Comments on Classmates’s blogs

Link to Classmate blog 1 Comment: It seems it would work with tape as well at CNN _________________ Link to Classmate blog 2 Comment: perhaps it’s a chance for me … Continue reading

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Class of Week 11: Readings and Reflections

This week’s class was about cognitive walk-though and focus groups. We had three readings, two of them focusing on cognitive walk-through and one was on focus groups. In the first … Continue reading

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Link to blog: Sketching Steps

This blog link is about sketching.  It illustrates how to develop sketches for an user interface.  I like this blog because it gives a very nice step by step slide … Continue reading

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Good Design: Real like animation characters

  In the class of week 10 we were discussing about metaphor and skeuomorphism.  When discussing about this, I would like to talk about how animations evolved.  Let’s take the … Continue reading

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Class of week 10: Readings and Reflections

We had a report to complete for this week. We were criticizing an important website on our report for not meeting Neilsen’s Heuristics, etc. We as a team gave our … Continue reading

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Class of week 9: Readings and Reflections

This week’s class had readings as usual.  We had five articles to read.  The article about navigation was also the most discussed topic in this week’s class.  There were different … Continue reading

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