Web accessibility getting more players!

I’ve been using an add-on on Firefox browser called “Wave” to test the web-pages I design and develop to make it web-accessible.  That is, making the webpages accessible to people with many types of physical disabilities.


This tool acts as a tool bar on the browser and would highlight the places where there is need to address the issue for web-accessibility.

For example, if there is an image in a web page, to make it comply with web-accessibility there is need to have “alt” text for that image in the HTML.  Having “alt” would help blind people  to read it at least in some ways on their own.  This is one of the rules to make a web-page to be called web-accessible.  There are several other rules to keep in mind while designing and developing a web-page.  But at times I’d find this tool to be the only good one to use for this purpose other than doing it manually.

Last week I came across another tool and I think it’s also going to be used widely by web-programmers.   My colleagues are calling it in short as “Compliance Sheriff”.  It seems to have similar features like “Wave” tool-bar.  But one major difference is that “Wave” is free but “Compliance Sheriff” needs some purchase.


I’m still curious to test this new software in full to see how this would address people with hearing disabilities.  As we know, the best tools in the market for voice-to-text conversion are really not 100% accurate in recognizing different accents even after several training.

However, it’s nice to see things are getting better for accessibility.


One comment on “Web accessibility getting more players!

  1. Spencer Edwards
    August 28, 2013

    Interesting! It’s very important to keep in mind all the disabilities users may have and how we can best optimize our interfaces for these individuals. These are very useful software. Awesome post!

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