Bad Design – Two animations on a single screen…


Yahoo! was one of the websites of the 1990’s that was dignified to the value of today’s websites of CNN + Google search + Gmail put together.  With time it has ever growing competition in all spectrum of its business.  It has seen only Yahoo! to lose its percentage share from the market.  Yet, Yahoo! still remains to be one of the most preferred sites especially for its mobile apps.  I think the full-site version of Yahoo! has lost its top rank primarily because of its bad design taste and its continuing practice that’s not in synchronous with today’s next generation likes.

However, keeping the color choices and placement of components aside, Yahoo! seems to get even the basics of design principles wrong!


As a daily ritual, I visited Yahoo! and this is the screen shot of Yahoo! today.  Here, I could see two moving/animated images in the same screen.  One was the scrolling slide show and the other was that of the ad.  This would want the user to see the screen only with some discomfort because it leads them to the need to make a choice on how they should move their head – left to right to view the slide show? Or top to bottom as the ad would scroll? This could set a user to even get a seizure/epilepsy!

It is a basic rule of thumb that there can be only one animated object on a user screen at a time and Yahoo! seems not to believe it or perhaps it could be that it doesn’t even know about it.

This reminds me of another place where someone in another industry to have taken care about it!  It’s Honda for its 2013 Accord.



In that car as shown above, there is a camera to view the blind spot in the passenger’s side but there is no camera for the driver’s side blind spot.  It seems that it is because it is not advisable to view the camera output screen that will be to your right to turn left but it is okay to see the camera screen to your right to turn right and that is indeed right!


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