Class of Week 3: Anyone can invent from anything…

In this class we discussed about 4 papers, a brief history on some of the greatest inventions in the last 100 years related to Human—Computer interaction and an activity to come-up with ideas of invention from randomly assigned house-hold items.

The 4 papers had some activities and concepts discussed by the respective authors in their studies.  The activities can be classified as the following: Development, Output forms, Research, Data-collection, Interviews, Surveys, Usability Workshop, Prototyping and Design Analysis.  The concepts can be classified as the following: Designs, Informatics, Research Models and Collaboration.

One of the papers talked about data-mining in which personal informatics was discussed.  The paper tried to make a statement like discussion for their findings.  It was indeed interesting to note their approaches towards design strategies.  But it didn’t occur to me that the hypothesis discussed in this paper would really contribute anything impressive for professionals in data-mining.  It’s because working on protecting a user’s identity would be a daily routine for them.

In another paper, studying about cell-phones was the primary discussion.  It was interesting to note that they selected homeless people for their studies.  In this paper, thinking about how they would be able to keep their devices safe and using concept-cards was neat.  A. William’s paper focusing on User-Centered Design and Goal Centered Design was supposed to be the last paper in series to read.  It covered in a high level to what C. Macaulay et al discussed in their paper.  It looks more like their interest was simply more related to agile model that’s commonly used in software development.  It was felt there was no much difference between User Centered Design and Activity Centered Design.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the discussion was discussing about the history of inventions and cream of discussion was to make an invention from what we got.  Each team got some house-hold items.  I managed to come-up with a chain that would have functionality in the lines of mouse and light-pen however chain by itself has unique features like acting as an alternative to touch screen.  Apparently mouse demo is regarded to be the greatest demo among the inventions.  So I shouldn’t be absolutely  wrong to say chain demo was the greatest demo in the class!


One comment on “Class of Week 3: Anyone can invent from anything…

  1. Mihaela
    September 12, 2013

    Yes, you should work on your own “mother of all demos.” 🙂 Thank you for your class notes.

    Keep in mind that in the personal informatics paper, the goal was not to contribute to data mining scholarship. It was to create something that would raise people’s awareness about how data about them is collected.

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