Virtual Transparent screen based on point of view

It’s fascinating (awe struck may be) to see the creature in this link.

It seems to be having some camouflage sensitivity to develop a visual deception based on other’s viewing position.  Interesting! I was wondering if any Ux could be developed based on this technique.  I don’t think Red, Brown and Yellow with reflectors instead of RGB for making colors would really be applicable for electronic screens.

More of next generation devices will be transparent – because materials like silicon, graphene are giving promises .  To create something similar through software, that is, to create a virtual transparent screen could be cheap looking but still possible.

‘Angle of incidence is equal to angle of reflection’ in other words ‘one can see what only others can see them in air like medium’.  To do something similar in a tablet or smartphone, there is need to make use of both the back camera and the front camera.  The front camera could be used to find the position of eyes of the user and the back camera could be used to capture the background image and render the final output of the image based on eye position that was captured using the front camera.  By this way one could have a background image similar to a transparent screen.  There may be limitations in the positions that the user can view to get the transparent effect but it should cover most of regular viewing positions.  So there should be decent transparent screen for us to use for now before we could get hardware that’s transparent.  May be having more of back camera should help more viewing angles because of better rendering.

This reminds of how it was when I got my first 3D video camera and screen that one can view in 3D without needing special glasses.  I think it was having dizzy feeling for many making it a market failure.  I don’t think the transparent screen will give such an impact since one can simply opt-out the transparent feature.  But I don’t think people would prefer using it in normal circumstances either.  It should at least be good for places like the front-desk, reception, lobbies where people who have taken care of their looks are generally employed.

Now where could I use that “brown” thing with red, yellow and reflectors…can one combine this with cloaking/meta-materials that physicists are playing with…my thoughts are still hanging there…because I can go around invisible…may be need to change the skin with that of that creature and have such a lovely mind to see what others can see…hmmm…what if others would do it on me….should ink them!


One comment on “Virtual Transparent screen based on point of view

  1. Mihaela
    September 19, 2013

    amazing, and I love seeing the connections you are making. Maybe that could be the future for something like google glass as well?

    I do wish, however, that you had embedded the video from youtube into your post. It’s easy, try it next time!

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