Class of Week 4: Whom to ask and what to ask

The readings for this class were ‘Alternative methods for User Research’, ‘From ethnography to interface design’ and ‘Understanding Tablet use Google’.

In the first paper, the authors took examples of home-visits for understanding usability, auto-maker and a library for web designs.  Then they tabulated assessment rating and ordered them.  This seemed to me like a conventional approach that would eventually lead to some sort of analysis.  The second was more like a chapter.  I do agree that how the link was done is the most important part of the chapter. In the third paper, several factors across time and space were considered to find how this device is being used.  The authors were dependent on surveys conducted to conclude their results.  It’s interesting to note that people use tablets for mainly entertainment.  But I suspect the importance of tablet to enhance professional work is undervalued by the authors.  I think the time it takes to do professional work might be less but I think it’s still the most important reason for users to get a tablet.  Simply because important things might take less and could be less frequent as well, and also the fact that for most other work office work they could be using their smart-phones and desktops along with tablet.

Continuing these readings, the main class discussion was about the questions one needs to know about while conducting a study and understand the possible answers.   The questions were broadly classified into three colors.  The yellow was more about new topic that doesn’t have any sort of reference, the blue was about how to know when one knows they are done and the purple was about research in general.

Then we were asked to select a product that we would be interested on.  Our team selected cell-phone’ battery as the product that we would like to improve.  So were we analyzing on whom to ask about what to improve on this product.  Three other teams also came with their own product that they would want to improve.

The synthesis of these discussions I think is there is no questions packet for one to remember for each product.  It could change and it could be primarily based on the problem that needs to be focused.  I still think it could be how well market would react eventually.   Some were interested in social issues during the discussion and it was interesting to note that people who seem to be radical could be approachable if at all there is some match with their interests.


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