Bad Design: Monitors with borders not good for second monitors

Cadillac Cue’s class presentation on interior design makes me wonder now non-electronic changes could better user interfaces.  When thinking about it first thing I could see was the monitor in front of me.  It’s an increasing practice to have a second monitor that would extend the first monitor’s display.  I think one could anyway would be able to view only one monitor fully at a time with only some side view of the second.    However, this would help increase the productivity of users with two monitors.  I’ve hardly seen people using three monitors.  Even though this being the case there is one discomfort that I’ve always had is the right border of the first monitor and the left border of the second monitor that’s in the right-hand side next to the first monitor.  I would rather would want that border taken off and have a continuous screen.  In this way I would be able to have an extended view of my screen for more real.,2-1-361657-3.jpg shows a monitor without border and I think such a monitor doesn’t really compromise any important technical quality spec.  The transistors connecting the capacitors could well find a place back of the screen rather than on the sides.  It should still be safe enough to use the screen without the fear of damage to the screen, the screen being without borders.

Probably its the market demand that’s not supporting the need for it.  Perhaps it’s the professionals placing the purchase order are not seeing the border as a concern.  I think it is better not to have that border at least on the side that would extend the display with the second monitor.

I think this issue is similar to a tablet.  When it was something we could have made it few years earlier, we just didn’t do it because we didn’t see how it will help better.  I think monitors without borders would help better and it’s already available in the market.  Just that second monitor users should start using them and keep in mind while buying monitors.


One comment on “Bad Design: Monitors with borders not good for second monitors

  1. Mihaela
    September 26, 2013

    Nice post. Please embed images in the post itself rather than pasting URLs.

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