A keyboard button for Search

My days with typing started with a real typewriter.  It had the staircase of keys to type.  When I started using computers, some keys really got my attention were the “Enter” and “Windows”, though there were other keys like function, control, alt, etc.  But only later I understood that the windows key is very specific to windows operating system though its there in even Linux OS keyboards.  But now we’re in the age where people are hardly passing a day without using search engine for internet search and at least file search within their computer system.  It makes me wonder isn’t it that it’s more important than a windows button to have a search button?

Now which company would be interested to do that? Microsoft could get it’s button on the keyboard.  Certainly Google can have its button on the keyboard; Yahoo and Bling can have their logo too for search.  I would see Ask for going for it but they are still hanging in a corner for people to accept them.  I think probably companies are not seeing keyboards as a nice way to promote their product.

There may be keyboards that have search buttons but at least most of the keyboards are still without it…

Keeping the search button as side there is a set of social buttons that could compete for a place.  It’s the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  I’ve seen these three logos in many professional sites as a standard in a corner of their page.  But then we’re slowly moving away from physical keyboards to virtual keyboards.  But even there I think needs some revamp for keys.

Given the arguments I think a virtual keyboard revamp may be regarded as a trivial issue because a simple download of related tool could make it possible.  A change to the real keyboard is a different case.  Popular keyboard manufactures need to consider their users most often used tools and also an analysis of the real work flow using such a key.

I would at least want a news key on my keyboard to simply browse through the news website when I simply press the news button in between my other programs – just as a short break from work…


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