Bad Design (some Good): Google glass

I was excited to use the Google glass that was given for the class.  It’s a stylish looking glass.  It got the attention of many people when I was wearing it.  I think it would be useful during presentations because the presenter need not hold on to the computer or turn back to the slides to explain the content.  The presenter can have better eye contact with the audience.  It’s expected that this will also be useful for people like surgeons and other on field workers who would need look on their computer monitors to perform their task better.  I’m expecting exciting games to be made using the augmented reality this glass offers.  These are the good design aspects I could see of this glass.  I believe in these ways it should enhance user experience as it understands the user behavior in the respective applications.

But I did find a list of bad design aspects for this glass.

There is only one glass on the right side.  But it still my complete attention while viewing the glass.  This means its dangerous to wear this glass while driving a car or even walking on the road for that matter.  I feel having the GPS is not a good idea keeping the safety of the users in mind because user’s attention is all on the glass for considerable amount of time – even if its only on one eye.

The quality of picture taken seems to be low on the glass.  Comparing to the quality that we get on our mobile phones I think this glass would come only secondary for viewing pictures and video.  The biggest drawback in that is its a transparent glass.  In light we really don’t have a black light.  The present projectors, computer screen and any electronic light emitting device don’t emit black light.  So in this transparent glass we cannot view dark shades especially black colors.  So during day light, this glass wouldn’t work well.  There is need for a black pad on the back of the glass to view such colors.  Perhaps this is a good business opportunity for people who would be interested to make such pads.  But then using such pads would remove the augmented reality this glass could offer and users would not have the advantage of having a transparent screen.

One of the biggest problem I think is the heat this glass’s side gets into after few minutes of usage.  This is very bad for power because the battery would drain out faster when it’s hotter.  I was feeling like wanting to connect to a charger the moment it got so hot within few minutes.

This product seems to support only Google products for new.  The QR recognizer was not working for me at least.  So connecting to wi-fi was hard.  I tethered using my other old android phone to connect this glass to internet.  To use the GPS it needed the Google android app called myGlass.  But my version of android did not support the app.  So there is need for me to buy a newer android phone or install newer firmware.

In a work place like for a programmer I think this will be useful to view mails on the run, or make calls on the run.  But the voice recognition is pathetic.  So I think this glass will not be useful in such work place to enhance work.

However, this glass is certainly a fancy looking glass.  I would not be interested to buy it unless there are interesting apps for this glass in future or at least some of the important problems listed above are fixed.


One comment on “Bad Design (some Good): Google glass

  1. Mihaela
    October 1, 2013

    That’s exactly why I have it, so we can imagine what useful things people could do with it!

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