Hopping instead of Rolling: User Behavior

Hopping instead of Rolling: User Behavior

I think this post is interesting because they have made a change to the design based on the user behavior.  It’s done focusing on the goal.    They are including three legs to do the hopping.  It will be used when rolling using wheels wouldn’t work for the rover to travel on Mars.   Nice design…


2 comments on “Hopping instead of Rolling: User Behavior

  1. Mihaela
    October 1, 2013

    What exactly do you mean “based on user behavior”? Who is the user here, what is the user’s goal? and how is the hopping connected to that? Please explain, I do not see the connections clearly.

    • svadivel2013
      October 2, 2013

      The user is the rover and goal is to travel. The real user of the Mars’s rover are the humans controlling the rover from earth. The rover is a mere extrapolation of a human explorer. When we humans have so many different kinds of tools to carry with us when going for rock climbing, to the wild, under water, etc., I think its inappropriate to think the rover can travel on an unknown planet with just wheels to go around unfamiliar terrains. To travel such terrains with just wheels even though it’s wheels are so capable like war tanks, its not going to do many types of travels for sure. It makes me wonder how they could disregard such travel behavior by rover. I feel it’s a bad design to believe with just wheels the rover can go around mars. The hopping is a good progress but still a rock climbing technique to nail and climb and use the same nail again would be another step progress that’s yet to be implemented…

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