Bad Design: Vending Machines need to understand user behavior


Coffee, hot chocolates, chai, tea, etc. are now available for 24 hrs in public places by these vending machines.  Many would complain about the taste how different it is in vending machines especially hot chocolate and chai that would taste almost like a latte.  I would prefer people making one for me fresh than these machines.  These machines fill the hot drink almost to the top of the cup.  So what happens is that I often get that hot drink spilling on my fingers.  I have dropped the cup sometimes as the spill on my finger hurts.  Also these machines don’t have temperature control for their drinks.  So the cups are generally more hot than I like to drink.  I read in an article (like this:   )  that drinking too hot could cause cancer in long run.    As we are moving in a fast pace world, these kind of automated vending machines and automated restaurants (like in Germany) are becoming more in practice.   I think the companies need to consider consumer behavior more than saving labor costs.  People wouldn’t prefer spilling hot drinks and hurt their fingers.  So a cup that’s 90% full is better rather than close to 100% full.  The easier change could be the cup size being 110%.  I think a temperature control for the drinks that’s vended should be made as a necessity because very hot drinks is not good for health.


3 comments on “Bad Design: Vending Machines need to understand user behavior

  1. Mihaela
    October 13, 2013

    I also like to look at the usability of soda machines in restaurants (the ones you use to get Coke, Sprite, etc.). Can they be used with one hand, the one holding the cup? If they require 2 hands, I think it’s poor design.

    • svadivel2013
      October 13, 2013

      I think in future they would come up with IR recognizing a cup sitting under. But comparing the present two hand VS one hand – one hand minimizes the user interaction by about a step which is a good design. But I personally prefer the two hand, with one hand holding the cup and the other to press the button. It’s because I always feel the one hand pushing the button behind using the cup could have someone’s saliva sticking on it because they could have used it to refill their used cup and I don’t like a stranger’s saliva sticking on my cup…

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