Class of Week 7: Interface Design

For this class we had four readings.  In one of the papers, the authors used probes to inspire their users.  Based on how their users responded while receiving the probes and especially how they responded when returning the probes were interesting to me.  I think the way they delivered the probes to derive results on to decide on the success of a game was a nice approach.  It should help in increasing the success rate of an investment.  I think this kind of analysis should help in at least filtering out the wrong designs based on poor response from their users in such studies.  In another paper, the authors have made use of workshop in series to conduct their study.  That kind of study itself is interesting to me.  However, their hypothesis on suggesting China’s cultural problem because of seniors may be regarded as a need to be appreciated work.  It’s because freedom of expression even if it’s in good faith is generally very controlled in that country.  Their attempt, to find an alternate approach and also to maintain their country’s tradition, needs some sort of appreciation.  I think this is not limited to China.  The design cards should be helpful in using in other countries as well where there is restriction in expression.  In another paper, the authors have tried to illustrate the importance of sketches and how easy it is to create one.  But the importance of sketches that the authors have tried to tell us like it’s inexpensive and quick to create seems to be important points to me.  Trying to generate creativity using workshops and with the help of TV, museums, etc. seems like something one should try to analyze well.  It’s because one could very likely go out of the right direction very easily.  However, if it’s done correctly then it could become the first programmable engine to generate ideas.

In the class, we looked into how design interfaces in done in a product.  I was in a perception that the interface would look differently but the functionality is more or less the same across different platforms even for firmware.  But seeing there is subtle yet important functional differences made these interfaces to me look at it more unique to their platforms especially how they are developed.  However, human psychology and perception is applicable across the platforms.  So the subtle functional differences don’t really make one understand how it would work differently across platforms though it is otherwise.  I think people would think they would work similarly across platforms though technically they are not simply because human psychology is the same across platforms.

Then in the last part of the class we were developing a user interface based on three people who has different persona and scenario each.  Based on the analysis with the three personas, we felt there is need for potential employers to know only the desired level of information as set by the potential employees.  We felt the interface should have link to their professional references and information about their references.  Other students came up with their own interface designs for their personas.  It was interesting to me to note that each team had a different interface design style but it was a similar goal.


4 comments on “Class of Week 7: Interface Design

  1. Selva Vadivel
    October 9, 2013

    I think for the concept design, drawing those 15 sketches to generate ideas helped a lot!

  2. Mihaela
    October 13, 2013

    I am having trouble understanding what you are trying to say in the paragraph before last. Can you clarify a bit?

    Also, I’m glad people came up with similar goals – they were working from the same data. Had they not, this would mean the data wasn’t good or they didn’t take the time to understand it.

    • svadivel2013
      October 19, 2013

      For example, a scroll bar is different in the way it works in Apple products and Windows and how it needs to be coded based on their functions. They have functions unique to them that’s no there in the other firmware or OS. But end users would tend to think it is just for scrolling left-right or top-down for both of them. They wouldn’t see so much of difference between them that’s really there in them.

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