Class of Week 8: Report and Presentations

This week has been the most intense week in this semester so far for 512.  We were working on the User Research Report.  We had long hours of discussions to generate the requirements.  We managed to generate two personas from our interviews.  We regarded one of them to be the primary.  And we had also to prepare for the presentation this week for the class.  “Designing with the Mind in Mind: Simple Guide to Understanding User Interface Design Rules – Jeff Johnson” was the book all the students in the class were presenting about.  Visual perception, attention, memory, learning and time were the topic students presented.  I presented about time.

Concepts that I learnt from other students’ presentation are about: proximity and appearance, pre-information influences perception, culture based formatting, writing cannot be learnt without systematic learning, how eye works for colors, blind spot in eye, brain memory, check in and check out of log-in – security concerns, recall is harder, recognizing is easier, picture to convey function, recall-design implications, parts of the brain – functions, conditions for learning, muscle memory and time.

In the book, I was excited to read the table about human response time limitations in chapter 12.  It was something I was searching for quite a while for using in my projects.  So I shared it as a handout with all the students.  They seem to have liked it as well.


One comment on “Class of Week 8: Report and Presentations

  1. Mihaela
    October 13, 2013

    Yes, it was an intense week, and a lot of information. I do not expect that you will remember everything in the book – but be sufficiently aware of its existence that you know to look it up later.

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