Good Design: Seamless Voice Changer

Real time voice changer is always getting better. The above video is one example where voice is modulated in real time. This is a useful tool not just in the voice recording for movies to save cost but it could be used in real world as well. If one is not comfortable with a kind of voice they are listening to, then they could use these kinds of real time voice changers to listen in the voice they would like to. When speaking in a mike, I had always felt some sort of discomfort to hear to my own voice after some short delay through the loud speakers. Perhaps I would feel better if I don’t listen to my own voice when speaking in a mike. This could be used by lecturers while teaching their class especially if the lecturer has either a very soft or very sharp tone. This could be a factor to engage students more into the class. It’s the seamless integration on how it works real time is the interesting design. Perhaps its in the same lines of pervasive computing where one wouldn’t know that there is really a voice changer involved in-between.

“You wanna play too? It will be fun!” – that’s one of my favorites in the above video.


One comment on “Good Design: Seamless Voice Changer

  1. svadivel2013
    October 20, 2013

    I think she has recorded and then changed the voices, yet it can be done really real-time as well.

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