Class of week 10: Readings and Reflections

We had a report to complete for this week. We were criticizing an important website on our report for not meeting Neilsen’s Heuristics, etc. We as a team gave our recommendations on how the website can be improved in it’s design. The readings were little different in the way it needs to be turned-in to our instructor. We read about sketches, mocks, prototypes and primarily about wire-frames. I always liked to know the names of tools to use for these purposes in real work and we did learn some of the tools in the reading. Also used one in the class.

We talked briefly about typography, grids, metaphor and visual hierarchy. Looking at the screen and what is seen first when one opens the eyes and sees the screen fresh was discussed with few examples. Importance of grid was discussed and it is perhaps the first thing one would do when one is all set to show their ideas. Perhaps the most attention catching was about unicorn! Having learnt about visualization techniques, working as a programmer for past 8 years and taking this course, I must be a unicorn now.

Then we all were story-boarding for a pizza ordering mobile application. There were several conditions given to satisfy to develop the app. For example, it needs to get the most cost effective pizza, choice of toppings, etc. Each team came with their own designs. It was interesting that most came with very similar designs though they were different from one another.


3 comments on “Class of week 10: Readings and Reflections

  1. Mihaela
    October 29, 2013

    You can check here

    • svadivel2013
      October 31, 2013

      the definition seems a lot different in that page…it seems its a fluffy horse used as a cleaning sponge!

      • Mihaela
        October 31, 2013

        🙂 that takes a special post-post graduate degree. we try to stick with definition #1 for now…

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