Good Design: Real like animation characters



In the class of week 10 we were discussing about metaphor and skeuomorphism.  When discussing about this, I would like to talk about how animations evolved.  Let’s take the example of Mickey Mouse.  Though it hardly looks like a mouse in real world, it acts close to a metaphor when comparing it to Ratatouille (image in the right).  Jerry of Tom & Jerry came a step closer to reality from Mickey Mouse with its features.  There is another version of Jerry that has some shade effects on it as shown in the above figure.  Similar shade effect is used in the Mickey Mouse image above.  But I don’t think the shade effects were well received by the audience for Jerry.  However, children did like Ratatouille for an entire movie!  Though Ratatouille may not be giving a good and nice feeling just by looking at it like how Jerry and Mickey Mouse did, I think Ratatouille is still a good design for the character it played.  I don’t think Mickey Mouse or Jerry would be able to play the character that Ratatouille did in that movie.  That is, in that movie, Ratatouille did identify the right cooking taste of the judge’s mom to impress the judge.  I don’t think this role could be done by Mickey Mouse or Jerry.  And also Ratatouille is not really a metaphor like Mickey Mouse or Jerry to illustrate a mouse/rat, rather its more real.  Still, Ratatouille is able to entertain people.  People still do like Mickey Mouse and Jerry for their own characters that they illustrate but I think they both look old now.  Ratatouille has its imprint illustrating the direction how the next generation animation mouses’ character should be like.  So I think Ratatouille is a good design for the character it played and that’s where we stand now in our character design modeling trend for animation movies.        


3 comments on “Good Design: Real like animation characters

  1. svadivel2013
    October 27, 2013

    Ratatouille is nice for a movie but for an animation series as time-pass, I would prefer Tom & Jerry…then a Mickey mouse…

    • svadivel2013
      October 27, 2013

      and only Mickey Mouse for a toy…not Jerry and Ratatouille….

  2. Mihaela
    October 29, 2013

    You’re getting into a different realm altogether, and it is interesting that you are transferring the idea of skeumorphism here. It is called realism in animation. See the theory about “uncanny valley” to read about when too much realism becomes creepy in animation.

    We do have classes about this in CGT… maybe you should have been a CGT major! 🙂

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