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Comment: It seems it would work with tape as well at CNN

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Comment: perhaps it’s a chance for me to market my product ;)…posted at YouTube. This temperature sensor can tell you the temperature at each millimeter point at critical places in your car and can be seamlessly integrated. So now you can be notified if there is an unusual temperature/change in temperature in your car…I think it should be useful…

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Comment: The interesting story of Pulse is they converted a class project into a company! Reading news can become addictive…perhaps you should try changing the color to green…it might help you read the news with not so much addiction but in some sort of harmony…This link tells about Green Color

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Comment: 3D is such an exciting thing. One need not have a 3D printer at home to do it. They can create a figure on their computer and get it printed at a shop since now many businesses have started doing it…however, I’m very concerned about the next generation of 3D printers…it’s getting to metal age! Link to 3D metal printing…there could be serious security concerns when it would enter metal age and when people could have those metal printing printers at home!


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