Good Design: External Touch Screen at Low Cost

Adding a new feature through hardware for an already completed hardware can be expensive. This video illustrates how a touch screen can be added to a TV or monitor that does not have a touch capability. It is a very low cost add-on to enable touch capability. Let’s try to answer the following questions:

1. Will the user know what to do to achieve the task?
2. Will the user notice that the correct action is available?
3. Will users know from the feedback that they have made a correct or incorrect choice of action?

There are so many components like the camera, sensors, screen, etc to make this touch capability work. Yet, it looks simple enough for users to use it just like any other touch screen. It’s not the regular capacitive or resistive touch screen. Yet it is having a response to the regular touch screen we use. This makes me wonder if my temperature based touch screen could be incorporated into it. I’m yet to develop it for an application.

In this video, I was trying to use the temperature difference that the transistors would sense on touching them – it actually converts into proportional voltage. This can be made into a touch screen that uses temperature to identify the touch. Even though these transistors’ material is not transparent, perhaps it could act as an add-on like on a white board and illuminate light wherever it is touched, similar to the first video. However, it needs to be seen how better it would be than a capacitive and resistive touch screens based on the application it could be used.

Anyhow, the touch screen as an external device seems to be a good low-cost alternative to touch screens.


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This entry was posted on November 3, 2013 by in Good/Bad Design, Home.


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