Link to interesting post: Low cost, solar powered, small size GPS

This post is about a GPS that has low maintenance cost, solar powered and is small in size.  I think its interesting because of the small size it offers and … Continue reading

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Good Design: Seamless Voice Changer

Real time voice changer is always getting better. The above video is one example where voice is modulated in real time. This is a useful tool not just in the … Continue reading

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Good Design: Webcam light On indicator

Privacy protection is a tough task. It’s a harder task when it comes to software. Given that there are possibilities the webcam getting turned ON without any software indication about … Continue reading

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Link to blog: brushing teeth – new way

This blog is about how 3D printed tooth brush changes the way we brush our teeth.  It’s dentist recommended that to brush teeth for about  a minute at least if … Continue reading

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Class of Week 8: Report and Presentations

This week has been the most intense week in this semester so far for 512.  We were working on the User Research Report.  We had long hours of discussions to … Continue reading

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Femto Camera

Its nice to have a camera that would replace x-ray to an extent because x-ray is not good for health. This camera is giving the possibility to see reflections that’s … Continue reading

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Class of Week 7: Interface Design

For this class we had four readings.  In one of the papers, the authors used probes to inspire their users.  Based on how their users responded while receiving the probes … Continue reading

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